The Ruck March Booms Along

Last week I announced that I was doing a 50 mile ruck march to Stop Soldier Suicide. I challenged the world to exceed my $1500 goal by last Saturday and I’d double the miles I walked. (My personal link is down below.)

Well, that means that instead of having 17 miles left to walk, I’m behind by 67 miles. Yes, you all met the goal. And my back, legs, and feet all want to thank you. I’ll be in great shape when this is done!

Now, another challenge:  Let’s see if we can raise $2200.00 and make it $100 for every military suicide each day. Yes, that’s a grim reality, but I hope it drives home the tragedy of military suicides. Each day 22 of my brothers and sisters kill themselves.

Now, my bumping around with a giant bag on my back and raising money doesn’t stop it by itself. But it’s a start and it makes people aware of the problem in a way that gives them a chance to help out. That said, here’s the link to contribute:

Now, because you can never get too many videos of old men who have worked up a sweat… that didn’t come out right. I did a video while out rucking today and wanted to share it with you. Here it is: 






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