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In spite of the mess in Washington, our family in Naples is doing well. I’m off to the veterinarian in a few for Lily’s first physical as a family member. Yes, Lily: a 9 year-old Sheltie mix who came to us out of rescue. 

She’s smart, loving, talkative (aren’t all Shelties) and fitting right in. She’s been here a few weeks, and she’s even got Chewy interested in playing with toys. He’s never played with a stuffed animal or ball since we got him, unless it was full of kibble and he rolled it around the floor getting snacks.

Here she is:


Next up, a new audio book. To say that Rabbi Juan Bejarano-Gutierrez is a patient man would be an understatement. He gently guided me into pronouncing a lot of Hebrew words that I tried to turn into Yiddish, German, or Arabic. But we got it done and WHAT IS KOSHER? is the resulting audio book, on sale now. If you’re curious about Kosher, how it came to impact Jewish culture, or just love my voice enough to listen to me talk about food, this is the book:


Finally, I’ve agreed (in principle) to record four new audio books in the next few months. I will be a busy boy, as one of them is huge!

If you’re of a mind, please pray for my wife, Kip, as she’s undergoing a shoulder replacement surgery this next week. Yes, the other shoulder is now being replaced. It won’t be easy, and your prayers will help.

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I'm a conservative Christian author who's been happily married for over 30 years. I am a Veteran of the United States Navy, Naval Security Group. I speak a few languages, I have an absurd sense of humor and I'm proud to be an American.


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  1. Very cool for your latest audio release and the many to follow! Awesome!

    Kip, may the Lord make this somehow easier than it’s supposed to me, heal you quickly and with little pain. Nothing is too much to ask from our Lord and Healer, and I’m praying for the absolute best in terms of healing for you. He knows you’ve been through “it” in recent times, and this is just “one more thing” to add to it. I ask that He would take special care of you and bring you through this one quickly. I pray His full blessing over you and ask that He will make His presence known in a mighty way to you. In the Name, Authority, and Blood of Jesus, Amen.

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