June Eighth: A Great Day For A Russ Scott Devotional

Russ and I have been friends for many years. He took me on my second mission trip to Haiti, and I was fortunate enough to help with his ministry at Union Gospel. He’s almost ready to leave the nest with his own website, but in the meantime I’m hosting his devotions each Wednesday until he can do it on his site.


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May this devotion offer you a daily dose of encouragement that God is in charge of creation.
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The world is filled with critics. Thankfully, the Bible gives readers a narrative in handling criticism.

In the book of Nehemiah, the prophet, Nehemiah, was assigned a construction project of rebuilding and securing a wall.
Throughout the project, Nehemiah was mocked by his critics. The darts of criticism were flying in furious opposition to God’s work (Neh. 4). The walls of Jerusalem were being restored and would soon become secure again. God called Nehemiah to the task; Nehemiah prayed (Neh. 1:11). God honored the prophet’s prayer. 
The plan was launched. Nehemiah led by organizing the Israelites in rebuilding and restoring the wall around Jerusalem. The critics of God were ticked. The enemies of God were susceptible to losing ground, position, and power. 
Nehemiah, unfazed by his critics, remained focused on the sovereign will of his almighty God. Soon, Nehemiah’s critics were frightened knowing God’s hand of favor was on the Israelites (Neh. 6:14-15). Under Nehemiah’s command, the Israelites rebuilt the wall in a record breaking fifty-two days. Only an assignment backed by God could complete a task so quickly and securely!!
Are critics holding you back? Enemies such as doubt and frustration can be obstacles for you and I. We can use Nehemiah as an example of remaining steadfast in God, accept the call of God on our lives, and believe and trust that God restores and makes all things new (Rev. 21:5). Let the Lord deal with the enemy (Jas. 4:7). The Lord will lead each of us into Victory! Pray and trust that God almighty is with you in the task He has you. Amen!
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