The roof over my head.

As I sit here in my living room, wife at my side, dogs at my feet, there is chaos afoot above me.  Yes, 18 years after it went up, the roof is coming down.  Last summer’s storms ripped off some of the shingles and I hit the powerball of home insurance – no matching material available, new roof required.

So, while I do technically have a roof over my head, it’s kind of threadbare.  But I’m grateful that God’s given me a warm place to live in a cold world.

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The roof over my head. — 2 Comments

  1. A lot better than asking your friends to come over and replace it… Even if they have a tall ladder! 😉

  2. ….and thus it becomes apparent to us procrastinators that there ARE advantages to living in a two-story dwelling!
    ( if the roof ever gets damaged I can simply sleep on the couch downstairs and wait for some kind of “roofing material sale” – or, just wait… lol)