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As many of you know, I’ve been involved in Wellness training for first responders for the past year. It’s a great course, and I heartily endorse it.

But up until this moment, you had to work for one of the selected departments that we were servicing under a grant.

No longer.

If you are a professional employee of a Public Safety (Law Enforcement) Agency in California, there are a limited number of seats available for free training. Yes, free. This training is worth everything if you’re under stress. It is perfect for your cousin, husband, wife, kid, parent or good friend who works for a law enforcement agency in California. (But not federal employees due to grant restrictions.)

To make sure I don’t hose up the details, the press release is below. Just read through it and forward it on to people who fit that description in California. We do training nationwide, but this grant is specifically for California agencies.

Here’s the press release:

Free Whole Life Wellness Training for California Public Safety Professionals


Pathfinder Resilience, the creator of Navigating Adversity™, the nationally acclaimed Whole Life Wellness online training program for Public Safety Professionals and First Responders, is pleased to announce that the program will be free for a limited time to qualified professionals who work in the state of California. This course is certified by CA POST (The California Governor’s Commission on Police Officer Standards and Training) to the National Emergency Number Association, certification number 1464-49701-21.


Open enrollment is available from now until December 15 for any police officer, deputy sheriff, dispatcher and professional staff who work for a CA POST law enforcement agency.  Free online classes will begin throughout November and December.   Successful completion of the Navigating Adversity course will provide 16 hours of continuing education credit.


For more information or to enroll at no charge, please call 1 (866) 346-4353, or email Joe Courtemanche at


Navigating Adversity™ is a unique virtual training program that has been enthusiastically endorsed by leading First Responder and Public Safety Organizations and leaders across the United States. Thousands of First Responders have received training and have improved their health and wellbeing by learning to assess their own needs and gain the understanding and tools to create and sustain a healthy and fulfilling life. 


Navigating Adversity™ is different from any other Wellness Program available to the First Responder community and offers a number of unique features that have contributed to its rapid acceptance as the most innovative and effective wellness resource available today. Navigating Adversity™ is 100% virtual and is delivered in two-hour weekly lessons for eight weeks. Each trainee is assigned to a Certified Peer Mentor from the First Responder profession who provides regular guidance, encouragement and feedback.  Individual training results are 100% confidential and not shared with anyone other than the individual student.


Every participant is provided the self-care tools most effective at building wellness capital in each of the eight dimensions of personal resilience: Psychological, Physical, Social, Cognitive, Emotional, Professional, Financial, and Spiritual.  On average, first responders who complete Navigating Adversity™ experience a 13% decline in adverse symptoms and a 14% improvement in wellness capital.


Interested public safety professionals can enroll and get more information by calling 1 (866) 346-4353 or email                                                                           

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