Many people get to be in their sixties and wonder where all the time went. Especially common is the observation that time seems to go faster as you age. 

Me?  I know where all of it went. It’s in the time-stamped files on my various computers. Some of it is homework from my students in the courses I mentor. Some of it is things I write that are heading toward publication. But by far the greatest volume has been the audio book work that I’ve done in the last few years.

I have spent hundreds of hours recording and editing audio books. Some my books, others for authors who have hired me. The quality at the beginning of the run was spotty. Largely due to the computer issues and sound problems of an old house. The last few years were much higher in quality: better microphones, better sound baffles – and better narrator.

Yes, you learn as you go.  I know I do a way better job now than I did at the beginning. For one thing, I’m more versatile. I’ve purposely read books for others that challenged me. I found out that I can do a good job on almost anything, but it takes extra work on some things.

Thus, it is with great pride that I can announce that DARK TRANSIT, a novel by Michael DiMercurio, is now available for presale on Amazon.

I spent about 120 hours recording and editing this work. My accuracy rate is about 99.996% – and when I screw up it is usually spectacular. The author found a blooper this morning – the day it went on presale. One word was wrong, but it will drive some people crazy. I won’t say what it was, but most people will will never spot it. He did, because he wrote the danged thing. But I did wait until I was about 10% into the book before I screwed up. And going back to change one word out of 209,000 is problematic after it has been put on sale at Amazon. 

I hope you get the book and the audio book. Kindle and Audible usually offer a good deal if you buy both. This book garnered a starred review in Publishers Weekly. That’s a big deal. It is Michael’s first book in 16 years and I’m very proud to have narrated it.

And, remember:  you can give audio books as a gift. It comes out December 14th and would make a great Christmas Gift for the fan of military fiction in your life. I promise any submarine sailor in your life will enjoy the book.

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