Happy Birthday, United States Navy

As most of you know I was a proud member of the U.S.N. from 1984-1989. Today is the Navy’s 237th birthday (Or, as they call it to this day in San Angelo, Texas, Kent Kraemer Day (you had to be there.)) I hereby submit a video selection about my beloved Canoe Club. I am so blessed to have served when I did and with my fellow sailors and marines. None finer. And friends to the day I die.

Anchors Aweigh

This one is for my jointly crazy brothers and sisters in “The Corps.” Love you guys. We are a team!

Joint video.

And, here’s a Hollywood perspective…Note how the generations change the perspective:

Old School

Fighter Jock version.

And, finally, the one the Navy can show with pride now that the rules have changed:

The reason so many joined…

Happy Birthday Navy Family. Be safe out, under, and next to that big old watery thing wherever you are. Come home safe (and get the bad guys first!)

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