It’s Always Something Around This Joint

Boy, is that true. I never dreamed that retirement would be so busy.

Right now, I’m writing this blog, doing qc work on a course I’m teaching, and getting ready to write a blog for that course. And, once that’s done, I’ll be editing the written manuscript and audio book for DiMercurio’s new novel.

Yeah. That’s in the wake of Chewy and I doing a couple of miles this morning.

The best part is that I get to sequence the events and do it as I see fit. That’s the goal of retirement. I pretty much could just chuck it but for 3 hours a day and still meet my goals. That’s the cool part. 

The other part is making sure you don’t just turn into an alcoholic turnip on your couch, nursing that bottle of Canadian Club until Wheel of Fortune comes on after the frozen dinner at six.

I’ve seen too many people live that life. It’s no life. I’ve been blessed with a lot of things to do in my retirement, and it’s a joy. If only I could get Chewy to quit his heavy breathing the minute I turn the microphone on. I have to kick him out of the room to get that done. I like that dog. Tradeoffs.


So far Kip is tolerating me well. We’re going out a couple of times a week to check out the neighborhood/region, and have found some good places to eat. We’re only tethered here occasionally, and once the solar panels are in this week, we’re even more free to roam.

All that hard work for years paid off. 

Ah. Now, for a cup of coffee while I start that work blog.

Have a great week, and be blessed.

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