Nice Job, Boss.

It’s kind of fun being a writer. Part of it is the writing, part of it is getting to read other people’s work before they publish it. It’s also fun being asked to do their audio book. You never really read a book like it should be read until you read it out loud. Besides, when you do that you no longer feel guilty for moving your lips while you read.

THE CORN SIEGE by Anthony Horvath is a good example. Now, the title of today’s blog is there because he is my boss at the publishing house that honored me by bringing out ASSAULT ON SAINT AGNES.  He is also my friend. And a darned fine writer. 

A few months ago he asked if I’d like to read an early version of the book. Uh, yeah, sure! After a few minor changes, it has emerged on the market. 

Now, if you like political thrillers, smart-aleck satire, and a darned good plot, The Corn Siege is a book you need to go buy right this instant. 

Set in the United States of the present/near future, it’s a book worthy of the best writers in the genre. Fast, crisp, well phrased, and full of delightful dialogue that rings true. It also will probably make you mad the next time you watch the news, because the idiocy he’s talking about in the book is front and center in our society.

Horvath isn’t writing a “how to” book, nor is it a prophecy. It is a well written story about how badly wrong things could go if the current “woke” movement continues forward. It is, clearly, an exposé of the most base (and I don’t mean based) elements in our political system.

I was in and out of the book faster than a COVID test center, and it was a joy. Really nicely paced and a thought provoking page-turner. 

I cannot recommend it strongly enough for the libertarians and conservatives in your life. It would also be good for liberals who actually think, or have the potential to rethink their position. It should be mandatory reading in college literature courses. But it won’t be, and that’s part of the point of the book.

I highly recommend it, and hope that I’m the lucky guy to do the audio book. Hint, hint.

Go buy it at this link right now.

Have a great week. I expect you back here on Memorial Day for the annual flash fiction work honoring our departed.




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