One Month Later

Time for a few updates.

Update:  still have 4 boxes to unpack. But they are things that depend on putting up shelves in a few closets. I’m not counting those.

The fence is in for Chewy. He has a nice, big yard to romp around in. I’ll save several of you some time: yes, alligators can climb the fence. Snakes can go under it. Poisonous toads can hop on in. Spiders (deadly ones) and scorpions are not fazed by it. Also, eagles can swoop down, A10 Warthogs can strafe the yard, and the Red Chinese can come up the canal and kill him with bayonets. The fence will keep him in unless he digs under it – sandy soil makes that very easy – and escapes. The goal is to make it his place to wander so I don’t have to stand in the yard and watch him while he poops. I also refuse to obsess over threats that may/may not take his life. (You can guess how I feel about masks…)

We love the new house. It has some issues: we’re working with the builder to get those fixed. Nothing big, but I am held up on hanging ceiling fans until they sort out a few wiring issues. Also, we’re going totally solar. Battery backup system to boot. Expensive?  Whooo doggies. It sure is. But you need backup power in Florida to take the power grid hits. I could do the propane thing, but solar in this area makes sense: it does pay for itself.

The water here stinks: literally. High Sulphur content. So a whole-house reverse osmosis system is going to be installed. Mo money, but if I can shower without smelling like eggs it is a plus.

I am not mowing my own lawn. I could handle the effort, but the 15 year old Lawnboy finally gave out. The nice young man doing the job is very reasonable and I’d rather spend the time writing and recording.

Which leads me to todays big update stuff. I have about 2 hours to go before I finish setting up my dream office. I have hidden wires and cables, cleaned pockets in the desk, made power available, and once the pile of cables and Arab rugs in the corner is sorted, I will be able to record my first audio books in the home. 

That is important, because my friends at Crossroad Press have decided to roll the dice and give me shot at a major author’s works. I’ll reveal the name when the first book is done. It is safe to say it’s a major literary figure and I’m honored that they’ve expressed their faith in me to do the work.

A little bit about the area where we live is in order. We are about 25 miles from the nearest big city. We are 10 miles from the nearest city. I like the little city a lot. It’s a farming community with the best Mexican food you’ll find outside of New Mexico. And not just one place, but a lot of places. 

There is a Cuban grocery store about 10 miles from my house. It is 1/2 mile from the Publix store (the regional powerhouse) nearest my home. I’m torn every time I head that way. Mainly because the Cuban place has so many things I LOVE to eat, and Publix has so many that are healthier. Sigh. 

We live in the everglades. It’s that simple. I had an airboat go by my back yard on the canal on Saturday. There are huge swamps nearby. I stopped at a produce stand on Sunday and got the nicest onions that I’ve seen in years from the guy who grew them. Needless to say, it’s way different than living in Saint Paul. I’m okay with it. The biggest difference out here is that when I hear gunfire I wonder what my neighbors are shooting and want to wander over, versus ducking below the window in Saint Paul. EVERYONE around here has guns, and being so rural you can shoot in your own yard. Most yards have a backstop/berm for the owners to use when they shoot. I love it. Even Chewy is learning to accept gunfire. 

That, boys and girls, is the nub of it: good guys with guns don’t bother me. Bad guys with guns are a threat. I have no doubt that criminals in this area have life spans measured in feet per second. 

Well, enough about this. I’m looking out the window in the office and it’s time to take a break and go out with Kip and the dog. I guess that microphone has got to wait a little longer.


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