Those Green Eyes Are Staring Again.

The “monster with the green eyes” is usually a euphemism for jealousy. 

The big dog with green eyes is Chewy. No doubt about that truth.

Now that I’ve been locked up with him for eleven months, we’ve come to a bit of an understanding: he’s in charge.

I took two weeks off this past month to get some outside work done. It was the first time since the lockdown (which will never end in Minnesota) that he didn’t have me held hostage in the office/bedroom for at least 32 hours in a given week. It not only surprised him, but annoyed him. Wait until I retire, Doggo. 

He made up for it by gluing himself to my left ankle. Some days he was just “there” with every step I made to declutter the house. Others he was on the floor at my feet, or on the couch next to me, while watching television. In both cases (of the couch) he was taking up space where humans usually sat, or rested their feet. We can be so inconvenient to our dogs sometimes. 

He has, in that year (almost) mellowed a lot. Not that he doesn’t get the zoomies and leap about, but it’s not as often. He’s also largely given up destroying random items for amusement. I actually saw him playing with a stuffed toy last night. Who is this dog?

He’s Chewy. A dog that was almost put down in the pound, who was rescued by a fine group of people, and who wound up in our home. He was skinny, shy, and a bit nuts. Today he’s muscular, unaware of personal space (with his people), and just goofy.

I like this dog more than a little. I don’t even mind that he’s a bed hog. His favorite is to climb on the bed while I’m sleeping and flop down on my feet. He’s not exactly a toy size (38 pounds if hotels ask) and I am thus pinned down until he offers to move.

He is also an empath. I had a massive migraine today and retreated to bed – a rarity that has only happened about 5 times in my life. He hopped up on the bed and laid down next to me so that our heads were almost touching. Usually he’s way down the bed and keeping his own space. It never fails that if I roll over, he leaves within 10 seconds. Today he just snuggled in closer. 

I needed that. I need that dog. Those green eyes mean the world to me.


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