Santa Claus Has A New Perspective

Over the past 17 years (or so…) I’ve had the privilege to be Santa. 2017 is shaping up to be the best year ever in terms of satisfaction in my craft. I’ve done more public work as Santa than ever before, including this crown jewel: (The page has audio, the video below does not)

Here’s the link to the video that’s been released, more to come every day so check back often on the webpage itself at:

I’m also sharing some of these amazing images that my friend Soledad at Amore Fotography and Events took at a recent visit.

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Why is this year better? I think it’s because I’ve changed wardrobe and wear more play clothes than before. I love the red suit for formal events, but sometimes the more casual attire lowers barriers for the children and makes things a bit easier. Second reason is that I’m almost fully gray now, and for the first time ever I’ve been able to skip the makeup. What a relief that has been. Just me, and my bleached face.

Perhaps the main reason is that I am Santa. I’ve always felt in my heart that it was who I wanted to be when I put on the Red Suit. But this year, there is no effort involved to say the prayers over my friends, to smile for the camera, to encourage – and correct – the little ones. This year it all seems to be flowing without effort.

Like every year, it’s the last for some clients, the first for others. Children grow up, corporations change staff, and traditions begin. I love that aspect of my life in the Red Suit. I hope to be doing this in another 20 years. Or more.

I hope your day is a good one. I’ll be back Friday with some music.

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