Arthur “Tweet” Williams Was My Friend. His Family Needs Your Help.

Today there will be no pitch for books or likes. Instead, I want to ask your help. I’d like you to click this link and donate to a fund to help bury my friend Arthur “Tweet” Williams.

My friend Tweet passed away at a young age this past weekend. I’d lost touch with him for almost 30 years, and found him again last year on Facebook. We went on an undersea adventure that was the genesis of the Bobby Kurtz legend. Tweet and I didn’t know it at the time, but a fictional character was born on that very exciting trip. Details remain classified, but it all ended with a near-bar-brawl in Naples. We won. If you want the details, (the unclassified ones) I’ll send you a special short story based on the incident if you donate to the go-fund-me for his burial.

Yes, his family needs help paying for the expenses of his burial. Tweet was an amazing guy, and a good sailor. I find it sad that we have to pass the hat to take care of him on that final voyage.

If you show up on the go-fund-me page as having donated, post a comment on this blog with your email address and I’ll include you on the special mailing of the short story. Truly a limited edition. You see, I want to make sure my shipmate gets a good send-off.

I don’t think this is a scam. You can see I’ve already thrown in my contribution. But his family needs a hand. Here are a few pictures of Tweet. My friend. Fair winds and following seas, shipmate.

Tweet toward the end.

Tweet back when we both had hair.

Please hit the link to donate. I’m thankful to have had friends like Tweet in my life. I appreciate your help.


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