This Will Be Rather Bare-Bones Regarding Las Vegas

Last week I was in Dallas. I taught a couple of classes on police work and weapons. The last 24 hours have been nothing but weapons and police on television and the internet.

My congratulations to all of the writers who attended my classes at the American Christian Fiction Writers conference. Each and every one of you clearly know more than the mainstream media about weaponry and how the police work by virtue of those two classes. That strikes me as very sad.

I am reserving my input on the Las Vegas attack, as it proves nothing except I know what to look for, and it would inflame some people. But there will be some facts coming out that will make the media jackals really look bad. One pundit has said (and I’ll mangle the quote to be sure) “For the first 72 hours, you’re better off getting your information from the crazy lady that talks to the statues in the park instead of the media.” I think he’s correct.

But for the love of all that is sanity, the media needs to take a deep breath, call on people that actually have fired a weapon as consultants, who understand the gun laws, and how difficult it is to obtain an actual machine gun, and knock off the politicization of every incident involving a gun.

If any members of the media are reading this post, please feel free to contact me for an interview. I’d love to help you get the story straight. My rates are surprisingly low, and I’m good on camera.

In the meantime, ain’t nobody got it right from what I’ve seen. Including some retired police officials who are “consultants” to the major networks.

It’s truly sad just how poorly our news is researched and reported.

As to Las Vegas, I mourn for the families of the fallen.

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