911 Thoughts.

This is my post from yesterday, 9/11, on Facebook. I was surprised when one of my readers, a fine person whom I know personally, asked “…But how do we balance that with compassion for the good folks here.. It gets dicey.. ”

My answer is below my post. And here it is:

Not a plug for my work, but on this anniversary it’d be remiss of me if I didn’t mention that Islam’s avowed goal is to destroy, subjugate, and covert each and every one of us to their barbaric point of view. If you haven’t learned it yet, “Pure Islam” hews to the writings in the Quran, and they demand total world domination for their faith. It is not some “bastardization” of a great faith, it is the logical conclusion for its adherents.
Simply stated, “Islam” is the command form of the Arabic word for submit. Get a linguist to explain it to you if you have any question about what that means. But it’s an order. Viewed as coming from Allah. And if you are given that command, you have three choices:
Submit and convert
Live as a second class person with a gigantic tax levied upon you.
Your choice. That’s what Islam means in practical terms.
Thankfully, most Muslims are like most Christians: lukewarm. But the true believers are out there and wish us to be no more.
Today I remember all those that died on September 11, 2001 and those who have given their lives in service to this country since.

Here’s my answer to my reader:

There can be no compassion for those that try to kill us. We can pray for their conversion, but we must be aware of what Islam is, and how the adherents practice it.

Even the “non-hardcore” members of the religion will protect and fund their jihadist brothers rather than turn them in to the authorities. If Christians did the equivalent, they’d be providing bomb-making materials for blowing up abortion clinics – and that’s not happening. In Islam, it is.


Some, an extremely small number, of lunatics have bombed abortion clinics and shot abortionists. They are reviled by Christians, and turned in as fast as they are found. In Islam, this is not the case.

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911 Thoughts. — 3 Comments

  1. Joe,
    Your point is excellent. I suggest readers look into two WWII units called the 100th BN and the 442nd INF Regiment. I served in the USAR combined version of these units back in 1995 in Hawaii called the 100thBN/442nd. These units were formed in 1942 and made up entirely of Japanese Americans from Hawaii. they fought in North Africa and Europe and remain, to this day, the most highly decorated units in the history of the US Army. The Japanese parents of the young men who served in these units demanded that their sons join the US Army after Pearl Harbor in order to restore their family honor since they were so ashamed that their former homeland had attacked the USA. These parents were often first generation immigrants born in Japan who now identified with the USA and expected their sons to fulfill their duty to their country of citizenship — the USA. Of course, among the politically correct all you hear about were those Japanese Americans who lost everything and were sent to relocation camps on the West Coast. Well Hawaii never got involved in that business since virtually every Japanese American family had a serving relative in the US Army. Most fought against Germany, a few brave souls joined the Counter-Intelligence Corps and put their Japanese language skills to work against Japan — a risky endeavor if captured by the Japanese. Now fast-forward to 2001. Any mass turnout of Arab American youth to join the US Army? Didn’t think so. And of those who did, a very small number served with honor — God bless them. Yet sadly, in some highly publicized cases, some committed fratricides, mass murder or treasonous acts against their serving American comrades. What is the difference between Japanese-Americans in WWII and Arab-Americans after 2001? One word: Islam.
    Thanks for all you do, Joe.
    Your commitment to the Truth, while unpopular, is a breath of fresh air in this politically correct age.