The Times Have Changed. Please Pay Attention If You Value Your Freedoms.

This past weekend I attended a rally for President Trump at the state capitol grounds. I went as an observer. Yes, I support the president, but I also wanted to observe and report.

Well, here’s the report:

Suspected white supremacists spotted: 1.
Alt-right guys: 1 (pretty sure he was a troll for the left, he had a sign that offended everyone.)
Anti-Semites located: none.
Pro-Israel flags and signs: dozens.
Black guys: 1.
Guys from Mainland China: 2.
Assorted people of varying shades of white and brown: most.
American Flags: dozens and dozens.
People with home-made signs: hundreds.
Polite people: about 500.
Anarchist/leftist disruption teams who visited violence and hate: about 50.
Witches: 4. But good costumes!

They’d be horrified if they knew most of the people there agreed with the signs they held.

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Here’s the typical person who came to rally for President trump:

There were no flags carried by the disruption teams from the left.

********* ********** *********** ***********

They brought a flag, or a sign. They were there because they agree with the duly elected leader of this nation.

But there was another group mixed in among the rally. There if you have a sharp eye. They were the sheepdogs.

These were the people who came to defend the little old ladies, and men, from the anarchists. The sheepdogs had martial arts gloves, steel toed boots, bandannas of their own, and weapons. Some of them were turned into signs. some were in holsters. Some were up a sleeve. Some wore mouth guards and crotch cups to protect themselves. All were committed to keeping the rally goers safe.

And the anarchists found this out the hard way. (By the way, for anarchists, they march in formation better than most sailors I ever knew. In step. At a chosen moment. Seems far more than random to me.)

When the anarchists pulled out the teargas, the sheepdogs pulled them out of the crowd and held them on the floor. When the anarchists pulled out the tasers, instead of backing off the sheepdogs surged forward to challenge them. And it was beautiful.

For a long time in this country, the people on the conservative side of things have avoided confrontation. Saturday, March 4th, that came to an end. The rally was ready. There would be a price to be paid by anyone who attacked them.

That makes me a bit sad: that we have to arm ourselves to enjoy our free speech rights. NOT. For heaven’s sake, people, the first amendment has always been backed by the second amendment. The left thinks that they can disrupt a rally and call it free speech. They clearly don’t understand what that actually means. It’s not accomplished by drowning out the speakers, throwing fireworks indoors (Tim Kaine’s adult son, “Woody” was the one. Yeah, that Kaine – the guy who ran for vice president with shrillary.)

But armed and ready the right is. That’s bad. It is unstable. It has the potential to explode. But the left has pushed so hard, and so viciously to destroy our right to speak that it’s become a must.

So, to the anarchists, I would suggest you look at who has the guns, military training (I’m not counting your two weeks in Hibbing with “Tweezer” and “Gorp” showing you how to use bucket drums and bear spray), and the ability to take it to the next level. If you want a starting place, look at the electoral map that shows what color each county went, and what color the surrounding counties went. The red ones? Most of the country. Fear those people if you attack them. They fight back. They know how to fight back. And they play for keeps.

This is not a call to civil war. Instead, it is a warning that unless the left dials it back it is inevitable.

People who voted either way in November are not evil. But if you continue to paint everyone who voted for Trump as Nazi stooges, you might just get said stooges to deal with the next time you attack their rally.

Everyone needs to calm down. Talk, not scream. Listen. And, no hitting. That’s how we’ve made it the last few centuries.

I’d like to think it continues long into the future. But if civil war kicks off, it will stun the left with the ferocity of the cause of freedom.

Me? I’d rather talk. I’m not so sure about the other side of the aisle.

(Oh, and an addendum: The feckless dimwits in our local prosecutors offices have so far declined to file charges against the anarchists for assault, arson, battery, etc. If you want to make things worse, keep the police away, and then don’t prosecute the people presented to you for charges. Promise you, someone will take it into their own hands.)

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