Is There Anything More Useless Than The Next-day Review Of The Big Game?

I’d posit that perhaps, just maybe, there are more useless things than revisiting a sporting event that’s concluded the day before: but you have to work really hard to top that action.

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One example would be “How will this win impact the quarterback? Doesn’t matter who it is: they’ll be given accolades and more endorsement money unless they screw up. They may retire. They may play another year. They may win another Big Game. They may be killed in a freak shower incident. Doesn’t matter: none of us can predict the future in that way.

Discussing the multiple bad things that have happened to you in your life, none of which was the result of your actions. Again,time travel hasn’t matured, so “what-iffing” the tragic collision you were in as a teenager, the death of your spouse due to an aneurysm, the accidental escape of a beloved pet bird, and a lightning strike while sitting in a house are all equally useless.

I’d like to add that bemoaning the spelling error on your resume that slipped past proof reading in 1993 is on the same list. Did it cost you a job? You’ll likely never know.

What kinds of thought are not useless and boring? How about a review of what you might improve to better the future?

Plan that next novel. Think about the need to exercise more, and start putting down the foundation for taking it to action. Stop wasting your time reading the blog of some moron and start your own blog. (You, of course, will be called a moron as well.) Be more kind to others. Spend time in prayer and reflection. Shut your mouth and listen. Turn off the television. The list is endless.

But by the simple act of making that list, and doing something concrete to enact it, you are improving yourself. You can validate your plans down the road by looking at the word count on your book. The number of miles you’ve walked. The number of homeless you’ve fed. The number on the scale after you’ve quit eating 8 donuts every day.

We humans don’t do well with such things. We talk about them, but rarely move forward.

The question for you is this: will you spend the next week ruminating about “the big game” or will you take that time to list out your objectives for 2017 (and beyond) and make a start on achieving them?

I’d love to talk more about it, but I have an audition for an audio book, a sequel to write, a paid writing project that requires research, a need to pack my backpack for the walk to work tomorrow morning, a dog that needs grooming, and a load of laundry waiting for my attention. It’s all on my list.

Have an excellent day. I truly appreciate your stopping by to read this blog.

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