Final Christmas Video Friday Of The Season.

Which, obviously, means there may be more coming out after Christmas. Yeah, funny that way am I. Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” the Facebook author page. Don’t forget to subscribe (the box is on the right side of … Continue reading

Interesting Times, Indeed.

There’s a rant building in my bones over the Middle East, Bowe Berghdahl, and the nonsense in Washington in general. But that will have to wait, for today we have a variety of stellar videos to present. You, dear reader, … Continue reading

Friday And Nothing For Nothing Is Our Theme Today.

Billy Preston got tagged today. I try to do something light on Fridays and this week the theme is nothing. His song is all about nothing. So you get some music, a Seinfeld clip or two (the series about nothing) … Continue reading

Edit.Edit.Grumble.Watch Video.Edit.Grumble.Lunch

This week was editing week. I also started a new novel. And wrote some on the sequel. And did a bunch of other stuff that I’ll write about next week. So, you get weak sauce Friday (not an inspiring blog … Continue reading