It’s Easter Egg Time! Elkins Strikes Again.

One of the great problems with being a writer is that you never know how people are going to take your more disturbing stories. You set traps, drop Easter eggs, and lavish hidden humor and puns in hopes that someone … Continue reading

I’ll Be Home For Dinner: Jamie Greening Writes A Story You Can All Identify With Today

Jamie is my friend. I abuse Jamie regularly. He’s not as smart as I am, nor as good looking. (Some things are obvious.) But he clearly is one notch above me for writing this week, and today’s story proves that … Continue reading

Let Me Hum Along.

I’m not going t make any jokes today. The story is magnificent. Robert Cely has turned out a masterpiece. While I have a chance, Thank You, Robert! Now, click on this link and go read his story. it’s fantastic. We … Continue reading

Pilgrim Packer Fans

Kathy Kexel lives in Wisconsin. She loves Jesus and the Packers. And Pilgrims. Since she lives in Wisconsin, she probably has some strange ideas and may have been kidnapped by aliens. She manages to combine it all in today’s very … Continue reading

Shaw Brings The Weird. No Big Surprise There. We Call It Friday. Now, No More Clucking.

Yesterday, Jamie D. Greening went all high-brow on us. Today Shaw pulls it out of the dive toward literary stuff and brings his usual malodourous mojo to the Halloween story cavalcade. What a lovely way to end it. I even … Continue reading