They All Stood Up.

Sunday was the annual men’s conference at my church. Part of the deal when you belong to a church like mine is wearing specific colors/clothing styles to celebrate different events. My friends are all laughing now, since my wardrobe consists … Continue reading

My Fellow Veterans At A.C.F.W.

The best part about having your own blog is the versatility. I tried to post pictures of my fellow veterans on Facebook this morning and the stupid thing wouldn’t go. Said the pictures were too big. Not so much. But … Continue reading

Praying Time – And, A Welcome To All The New Readers.

I’d like to welcome all of the readers who have dropped by in response to my post about the VA scandal on Monday. I appreciate your coming back today in hopes of a repeat performance. Indeed, more will be written … Continue reading

The Scandal At The Department of Veterans Affairs Is A Disgrace.

Next Monday is Memorial Day. A day to honor those that gave their lives in service to our nation. Today I’m going to address the issue of the VA scandal – where men and women are losing their lives due … Continue reading