Free Flash Fiction: The Bishop’s Son, The Mule, And The Maiden – An Amish Tale.

Today I venture into one of my favorite genres: Amish. Now, you will all find that hard to believe. But I believe I bring a special flare to what are otherwise bland stories. You will find my contribution to the … Continue reading

Kathy Kexel Free Flash Fiction – Secrets III

Sometimes you have a flash fiction piece that fills a page and you’re done. Sometimes two pages. This one, because the other authors badgered her into it, ran for three weeks. It was worth the wait. Read the first two … Continue reading

Paul Bennett Free Flash Fiction: As It Is In Heaven – Part I

During the past few months we’ve run the gamut of styles here on the Free Flash Fiction Covid Cantina. Paul Bennett stands out as our scholarly writer of non-virus tales. Today he brings us yet another great tale to help … Continue reading

Special Deliveries By Joe Shaw – Free Flash Fiction

For the folks who have been with us since the beginning, today’s story will likely be upsetting. Shaw does not kill anyone. Now, I know that’s tough to bear. Instead, just today, he writes a nice story. I’d compare it … Continue reading

Living In The Basement Of Self Involvement. Free Flash Fiction Continues With Robert Cely

Robert, a man of many talents, is also a keen observer. Today’s story is well done, and does well. I love his writing, and today is an excellent example of why you should buy his books. But today’s story is … Continue reading