This Is How I Spend My Vast Amounts of Free Time

This week we I was planning on heading into dark territory. But you can relax – the opus of darkness is still in progress and I want to get it just right before rolling it out. In the meantime, I … Continue reading

We’ve got a new feature coming to the blog on Sunday.

As some of you know I went on a mission trip to Haiti this past winter. My wife and I were so impressed with Healing Haiti and their operation at Grace Village that we decided to sponsor a child until … Continue reading

Three is not the proper hour to wake up.

That goes for the morning and the afternoon. Yesterday I had to do a voice over at two in the afternoon. Home from work, deal with barking units, hit bed. Get up 3 hours later with little sleep. Record tracks … Continue reading

Sorry, no restaurant review.

But I promise to make up for it with the next few day’s posts. Once you read the next post you’ll understand why nothing big happened here on Wednesday. Second, the subscriptions jumped by over 8 gazillion percent once I … Continue reading

The glamorous world of voice over work.

(Disclaimer: I am not a regular in the studio. I do just enough work to allow me to take an extra vacation every year. Others may/will differ with my opinions and have different experiences in this field. You have been … Continue reading