Chris Rosati Has A Great Idea: The Butterfly Effect In Your Life. #commotiongrant – updated 10:55 CDST

I’ve talked about random acts of kindness and paying it forward here before. Seems that it’s about to go mainstream with the efforts of Chris Rosati. Let’s jump on this bandwagon! Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” the Facebook … Continue reading

Marcus, Souleymane, David, And Lowe’s All Deserve Praise For Their Treatment Of Michael Sulsona.

Monday my friend Genevieve started a tsunami of tears on Facebook. She posted this item about a disabled veteran and his experience at Lowe’s in New York. Lately all the tears are ones of rage about the V.A. scandal and … Continue reading

Friday Again – Time To Slack.

After noting my appalling lack of proper capitalisation yesterday, I’ve decided to avoid any more exposure regarding my rotten writing today. Consequently we’re going to do a silly video and some charity links. In all seriousness, the CPR class noted … Continue reading

It Was Way More Than A Ham Dinner.

All across the United States restaurants went out of their way to honor veterans on Monday. I even got up early and went to cash in on my freebie. Someone forgot to send me the memo that the joint would … Continue reading