The Welcome Wagon Drives An APC. Joe Shaw Free Flash Fiction

I’ve known Joe Shaw for several years. Every time he opens his mouth, or taps on his keyboard, I cringe a little bit. Also, every time he opens his mouth, or taps on his keyboard, the level of quality comes … Continue reading

The Race For Free Flash Fiction Is On Today

Derek Alan Elkins is a guy who deserves reading. Today’s gem was delightful. Mind you, it did involve some strange elements, some perhaps from another world – or mental world. But I loved the story “The Race” and I’m quite … Continue reading

God’s Rules – Free Flash Fiction CovidCantina Style

Welcome back for another round at the bar. Today I wander off into the land of Leviticus. For those of you not particularly familiar with the Bible, this is where the ancient Israelite crowd had codified their laws. It is … Continue reading

The Unessential – Free Flash Fiction From Robert Cely

Robert Cely is back today with his story “The Unessential” – man, does this bring it home. Click on the link to go read a great story!       We hope you’ll visit the other authors who comprise this … Continue reading