Derek Alan Elkins: Virus

We’re not short on writing tricks around this bar. Today, Derek brings us one of them there allegory/metaphor/something things. I’m lacking in the formal education that would allow me to accurately categorize the style. But I know it’s a darned … Continue reading

The Package

He even said it himself: it’s from his universe of characters. If you haven’t read all the books by Jamie D. Greening, you’re missing out. I started reading his books before I ever met him. I continue to enjoy his … Continue reading

Introducing Robert Cely: The Rona

Welcome to the third week of lockdown/blogging. Really?  Yes. Today’s addition, Robert Cely, is another pastor. Yeah, it’s a good thing that we have two of them (Jamie D. Greening and Robert Cely) or this bunch might just do something … Continue reading

The Ring Of Truth

Welcome. It’s Easter Sunday, and I’m glad you visited. We’ll be back tomorrow with more flash fiction, but today I wanted to set a different tone. I hope you enjoy it.  This link takes you to the video if you … Continue reading