Kim Jong Un May Be Dead, But Jamie Greening Is Still Writing. “Let’s Do It”

Today he’s written a new story for us entitled “Let’s Do It” – and I think we should by clicking on this link. He is one of my oldest writing friends and he’s featured today. He’s the moral and ethical … Continue reading

Here’s A Question For You

Today, Derek Alan Elkins goes deep. I know you’re not used to that on this blog, but hop over to his to read today’s entry regarding The Problem With Pain And Covid-19 With the addition of Paul Bennett we are … Continue reading

Paul Bennett Is Here. “Song In October”

Today, Paul Bennett makes his debut with us. It is a different story for a reason: Paul is a doctor and he’s had his fill of COVID-19. Consequently, he offers us some relief.  I have known Paul for several years, … Continue reading

OOOOOOOh. Didn’t See That Coming.

Kathy Kexel has a great story for you today. Click this link to get a gander at it.  Robert Cely,  Derek Elkins, Jamie D. Greening, Kathy Kexel, and Joe Shaw are all now on the masthead. And me. Monday, we’ll … Continue reading

Shaw, Shaw, Shaw. (Something His Mother Said.)

I’ve heard the Devil went down to Georgia. He dropped by Florida as well. I’m pretty sure he got inside Shaw’s head there, as today’s installment of the Covid Flash Fiction Fandango will show. So, click on this here link … Continue reading