Chris Tomlin.

This post is simple. We went to see Chris Tomlin on Sunday night. If you’ve never been, go. It’s three hours of the best worship you’ll have in years. Kari Jobe was also amazinglyfantisticalwonderful. Not a word, but it applies. … Continue reading

Has everybody had a chance to breathe?

**This is NOT a political post** It’s been a few days since the election and I hope both sides have had a chance to calm down. While I write this the sun is coming up over the horizon, there’s a … Continue reading

Bring in the dancing ushers!

It’s 11 hours until church. I’m already a little bit tingly over the prospect. What?  You think I might be a religious zealot? Au contraire, mon frère. I am zeaolous in my faith, but not like you might think. No, … Continue reading