Free Flash Fiction: The conclusion of “As It Is In Heaven” by Dr. Paul Bennett

 “I’ve stopped blaming God for the storms of life and started always looking for the hope that He always throws our way.” Seriously, you’ve got to read the story when it has a line like that one. Dr. Paul Bennett … Continue reading

Free Flash Fiction – Joe Shaw & The Dead Tree

One thing about the “Other Joe” in the group: he’s different. Different in the way a kind teacher might use the word. Different in his use of imagery. Different in that on our bizarre days you can’t tell him from … Continue reading

Hail Baseball – Free Flash Fiction With A Curve

Robert Cely breaks a lot of rules. Today he bounds out of the COVID-19 zone and into the one marked “Twilight.” Click on the link for his story of the day: Hail Baseball.  We hope you’ll visit the other authors … Continue reading

Free Flash Fiction: The Bishop’s Son, The Mule, And The Maiden – An Amish Tale.

Today I venture into one of my favorite genres: Amish. Now, you will all find that hard to believe. But I believe I bring a special flare to what are otherwise bland stories. You will find my contribution to the … Continue reading

Kathy Kexel Free Flash Fiction – Secrets III

Sometimes you have a flash fiction piece that fills a page and you’re done. Sometimes two pages. This one, because the other authors badgered her into it, ran for three weeks. It was worth the wait. Read the first two … Continue reading