Edit.Edit.Grumble.Watch Video.Edit.Grumble.Lunch

This week was editing week. I also started a new novel. And wrote some on the sequel. And did a bunch of other stuff that I’ll write about next week. So, you get weak sauce Friday (not an inspiring blog … Continue reading

And A Dog Picture To Boot.

I’d like to start the day out with a link to a great blogger, James R. Lileks. I’ve been reading Lileks since the 1980s when we were both students at the University of Minnesota. Over the many years I grew … Continue reading

I Had Harbored Anger In My Heart And Mike Smith Allowed Me To Repent.

Today I wasted some time being angry with someone. Details unimportant. When I got home, I opened an email from Pastor Mike Smith and it contained the video below. I’ve known Mike for 7 years or so. My heart healed, … Continue reading

Friday Again – Time To Slack.

After noting my appalling lack of proper capitalisation yesterday, I’ve decided to avoid any more exposure regarding my rotten writing today. Consequently we’re going to do a silly video and some charity links. In all seriousness, the CPR class noted … Continue reading

Maybe Get A Blister On Your Thumb…

We’re probably in trouble if I’m quoting lyrics from the 1980’s, but it sure fit today. Please read on to get some potentially life-changing information. It’s a longer post, but some good photos to help move it along. Here’s the … Continue reading