“Two More” By Joe Shaw – Part Deux. And A Commentary By Your Host

Today’s installment of “Two More” is now ready for your enjoyment. Shaw does not disappoint! So, follow this link to his blog and the story. There is also a mini-blog, by me, below the boilerplate below. Read down – it’s … Continue reading

Greening Is Lost In Space – Again.

Today’s story is by the inimitable Jamie D. Greening.  Entitled Academia.  We’re cranking out new stories every day this week. All original. We ask that you not only share them on social media, but hit the “love” button and make … Continue reading

Meet Derek Elkins

Today’s contributor is another author from my publishing house, Athanatos Publishing Group.  Derek Elkins is ready for this fray – he’s very good, and we know you’ll enjoy his work.   He joins the current roster, and now we’re almost done. … Continue reading

And Now, Previously Uncharted Territory From Joe Shaw: A Serial.

Joe Shaw is kicking off a multi-part entry today. Yup, serial stuff. We’re bringing out some new writers next week, and I’m excited. I’ve known these guys for years and they’re all fantastic authors. The kind I paid cash-money for … Continue reading