I Don’t Even Like Led Zeppelin, But I Love This Video.

Here’s a refreshing break from my ranting. I love talented kids. This bunch rocks the house. I know how hard it is to get adults to coordinate and practice anything. But youngsters? From different schools? For a long piece? WOW! … Continue reading

How Do You Shred A Man Card?

I need to know pretty soon, because the howling for me to turn mine in will reach a crescendo very soon. Possibly today, more likely once the book review I plan on publishing Thursday hits. The problem is, the darned … Continue reading

Food Trucks, Petting Zoo, Music, (Did I Mention Food Trucks?)

Time for your daily reminder that there is a fun festival at my church this Saturday from 10 until 4. Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church is running out the red carpet for the community. We’d love to see you there if … Continue reading

Surrender My Man Card? NEVER! But I Did Read Love Gone Wild By Amy Matayo And Loved It. Here’s The Book Review.

First, all the linky goodness and art work you will eventually want, then on to the review. Amy Matayo’s Love Gone Wild link for Amazon.com Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” the Facebook author page. Don’t forget to subscribe … Continue reading