I love having a blog.

Today’s post is a great example of why people like me shouldn’t have a blog. Because having a blog allows you to do silly things like say:

Hi Mom! Larry and I love you.

Just a casual photo with Larry the Bear.

Yes, the running joke is that my mom befriended a bear on her trip to Alaska. He now visits her in Florida and I found him wandering around REI yesterday while shopping for supplies for our upcoming mission trip.

Which reminds me – I’m going to Haiti for a mission in the next few months. You can find out a lot about the organization by visiting healinghaiti.org. We’ve been planning this for about 4 months and while I’m not yet taking the malaria medicine in preparation for the trip, I am getting ready in spiritual ways. This one looks to be more of a challenge than last year’s trip to Belize. The main reason is that we’re taking a different focus on this trip. In Belize we were there to support a Christian broadcasters conference. This trip we’re there strictly in a servant role for whatever the organization needs. Working in wound clinics, visiting orphanages, working a water truck, and visiting hospice facilities.

I am still kind of blown away at being a born again Christian and the changes it has meant in my life. I’m still a terrible reprobate in some ways, shame sailors with my mouth on occasion and engage in silly squabbles. But there’s a part of me that’s never been more alive. A part of me that feels that love of Christ that is promised in the Bible.

And that’s the part of me that’s going to Haiti. (I’m bringing the sailor part along to haul all the supplies. He’s used to a 75 pound seabag on his back. Let him lug the stupid thing.)

I’ll write about it while I’m there and then post a series here. We have a member of the team who’s a professional photographer and they will be documenting the trip. I’ll provide photos and links to photos upon my return.

Not leaving yet, not even close. But it seems to loom large on the horizon. I’m excited. And a little nervous. I just hope to present myself in accordance with Christ’s wishes. And I plan on leaving the sailor at the mission house.

Is there a “sailor” part of you that conflicts with your identity as a Christian? Is that part of you integral to your salvation? Did the lessons learned in that life help with this one? And is there a mission trip in your future?

No matter what, say hi to Larry the bear when you see him with my mom. They’ll be sharing some Salmon out on her Lanai.

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